Scent from HELL


It’s embedded in your lips
In your tongue and in your kiss.

Is deep-seated in your touch
Exuding from each of  your pores.

A scent from HELL
That when I smell causes a diabolic, nauseating spell.

In just one puff the poison spreads faster than a plague vanishing all desire and lust.

Ashes, ashes…
Please stop.


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“Get a ​thicker SKIN”


Does it mean to hide my pain, my suffering, the anger rushing through my veins?
to pretend the blows of your snide remarks
don’t bruise my ego and weakens my heart.

Make believe the river of tears
cascading from my eyes are tears of happiness and
not from sad strings tugging at my soul

To pretend that is fun to be knocked of balance by
the angry sigh that escapes from your insides

Get a thicker skin.. you might be right
I agree to disagree
While there is nothing wrong with being sensitive
Hippocrates said “Everything in excess is opposed to nature”

It must be maddening
to have to deal with highly sensitive beings
having to censored every word you utter
funny , witty or sarcastic all the same
It’s enough to drive anyone insane

I should be tougher and let things slide! So I apologize!

*Below find a few tips that aim to aid those with paper-thin skin like me:

1- Think before reacting
2- Look beyond your situation
3- See if you have deeper wounds
4- Remember is not your fault is the situation
5- Focus on something good about the person who is making you feel sad
6- Nurture your relationships
7- Recite positive affirmations
8- Find meaning in your life
9- Meditate- Yoga helps
10- You will always recover

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The Narcissist (not such a bad thing after all)


Falling in love with you
didn’t happen over night
The mere thought of it
used to give me a fright

Falling in love you
was a thorn filled rose garden
it literately took all of my will & power

Vanity fumes clouded my sight
voices shouting from behind
look at those dimples in your thighs
and those greasy silver strands
All I did was criticized
the YOU in the mirror staring back

I wasted so much of my time
years and years of holding back
the brilliant light that’s in my heart
I now came to realized
how beautiful I really am

Real beauty starts inside
let yourself shine through the dark
let the walls of doubts and insecurity
fade away and start embracing who you are

In love in with me, I’ll always be
there is no one else I rather be
because I am special and unique
I only want to be ME, ME, ME…

Yes, I am the fairest of them ALL

Narcissist?? maybe
Happy?? Definitely

Not such a bad thing after all

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“Keep it SIMPLE”


These both mean the same
“Is the glass half full or half empty?”
Well, that all depends on how you look at it, right?

More = less

More Smiles
less tears
more kisses
less fights
More SEX and love
less divorces

Less = More

Less worries
More freedom
Less Judgement
More understanding
Less suffering
More compassion
and the list can go on and on

To live in simplicity takes
a world of discipline

I’ll like to challenge
myself by
making one small change
a day at a time

Here is a small list
to help me start travelling “the keeping it simple path”:

– Let go of the past- living in the preset is a must for a simple life style
– Walk more/ Go to the gym- feeling the air on my face, getting away from my desk, kicking up endorphins to release stress
– Say NO when you mean it- Don’t just do, stand up for your believes
– Let go of unhealthy relationship- Drop people that bring down
– Drink less alcohol, drink more water- Good for your system, skin, etc
– Cook more, less dining out- Healthier and aids in consuming less
– Celebrate every accomplishments- Appreciate every moment
– Try something new- a hobby, a job, a business, a new dish
– Create- Use your imagination, let your creative juices flow
– BE THANKFUL- The universe have been so kind. A lot of times we are blinded by trivial things that we fail to appreciate all that we have to be thankful for.

Yeah!! I think this is a good start!

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True Lies

A little bit of sugar
a pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon of falseness
a bottle of deception
coded with some honey
and give it a taste…

Your lies were
almost cooked to a perfect state

Disillusions dressed up
in sublime illusions

A life filled with fallacies
a tangled web of fantasies

You offer a bite and I almost eat
the whole pie

Incredibly sweet
I must admit
you almost had me beat

But I’m not a fool
so I won’t get full
on your spoonful
of lies

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Challenge Assumptions

I do not know
Why you don’t smile
I do not know
Why you look tire
Or why when I walk by you
Your eyes don’t meet mine
And your pace becomes fast
Overthinking the reasons why
You are the way that you are
May cause me to be unkind
But an important lesson I learned in life
“The struggles or burdens
That might be buried in your heart
I cannot see with the naked eye”
How you act or who you are
should not affect the person I am
So this is why, I will be kind
To you, to him, to her, to them
In the hopes that kindness aid to brighten your day
Be kind
As you have no idea how heavy
someone else’s load really is
Challenge assumptions
Be kind

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lr hearts5-p001

​Sometimes things
do not turnout the way
you had hoped

but don’t get discourage

Disappointments and
let downs are part of life

There is always tomorrow

As long as you are beating inside me
there is always a chance
to win the next fight
there is always hope, love and faith
to guide my next try

There is always tomorrow heart

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